Friday, January 25, 2008

Dehydration May Be The Cause of Many Illnesses.

"Chronic pains of the body which cannot easily be explained as injury or infection should first and foremost be interpreted as signals of chronic water shortage in the area where the pain is registered. These pain signals should first be considered and excluded as primary indicators for dehydration of the body before any other complicated procedures are forced on the patient." - Dr F Batmanghelidj

The human body requires a quart of water per day for every 50 lbs of body weight. The blood alone is made up of a large percentage of watery serum. Every cell in our body owes its life to an adequate supply of fresh, clean water. When the body does not receive a constant supply of water, it has to ration what is available and cut back on certain functions to make the supply go round. Essential systems like the brain are prioritized; others are impaired or cut back until the brain has decided a reliable source of water has been attained.

Most people have become chronically and dangerously dehydrated (especially the elderly), since we decided water was too bland and ignored it in favor of tea, coffee, beer, wine, addictive sodas, flavored water and other chemical-laced water alternatives. A dangerous alternative for the body and society's health in general and compounded further, given that most doctors today cannot readily identify the many water-deficient diseases and its associated pains. Thus, the underlying dehydration process continues to wreak its havoc while the inevitable prescriptions drugs are given which eventually switch off the warning signals (symptoms).

Many of today's fashionable drinks are diuretic in their effect (water-expelling) because their mostly acidic compositions require the body to give up water and alkalizing minerals to eliminate their harmful residues. Diet sodas especially are harmful in that they require large amounts of body-water to neutralize the phosphoric acid component (2.8 pH). Cells that started off healthy and 'plum-like' shrivel to prunes, as water is progressively denied them and eliminated out. The ailing in our hospitals are fed the sodas, tea and coffee they ask for in ignorance of the damage wrought to the micro cell-world contained in them.

Consider the following health conditions: Heartburn, arthritis, lupus, asthma, 'high cholesterol', high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer formation, hot flushes and menstrual problems, obesity, allergies, bulimia, chronic fatigue syndrome, ME, angina, lower back pain, gout, kidney stones, skin disorders, diabetes, fungal/yeast overgrowths, multiple sclerosis, allergies, migraine headaches, general aches and pains, morning sickness, depression, heavy/burdensome periods, colitis, dyspepsia, peptic ulcers.

Water is used by the body for digestion, detoxifying cells, watering the lungs, lubricating joints, keeping the body alkalized and a host of cleaning duties. Many warning signals ('symptoms') arise out of the body's inability to neutralize or rid itself of acid.

Though plain water is good, Xtreme X2O is GREAT, it gives your body added Calcium, Magnesium and 70+ trace minerals that your body recognizes & utilizes immediately. It’s simple, it comes in a little tea bag that you drop directly into your water, shake 5-10 times and let set for a few minutes to activate the minerals.

If you truly don’t like the taste of water or just want a little something extra. Try X2O Blast. It’s a 100% natural water flavoring, with zero calories, no artificial sugars and the antioxidant equivalent of 5 fruits and vegetables.

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Is Your Body Acidic?

Xooma Worldwide: "“The cells of a healthy body are alkaline while the cells of a diseased body are acidic.” – Dr. Arthur Guyton (author of the “Textbook of Medical Physiology”)

Is Your Body Acidic?
Some of the symptoms associated with acidic conditions in the body include weight loss problems, insomnia, water retention, arthritis, migraine headaches, constipation, colds, flu, stomach ulcers, acid reflux and even cancer. Many health experts agree that an overly acidic body greatly diminishes the effectiveness of your immune system and usually leads to disease.
Acidic conditions in the body are caused by: junk food, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, sodas, coffee, sports drinks, alcohol, environmental toxins, and stress. Considering this long list of items that can lead to acidic challenges in our body, it becomes very clear why it is so important to drink an alkaline beverage like Xtreme X2O every day."

Friday, January 18, 2008

Hydration the Key to Optimal Health

May I take just a moment to educate you on proper hydration? You may find relief from symptoms you've had for years. Next to Oxygen, Water is the most important nutrient for sustaining life. Your body is 70% water and it's vital to keep it properly hydrated. (with water, not soda, not energy drinks, not coffee, not beer). A good rule of thumb for optimal hydration is, take your weight, divide it by 2 and drink that amount of water in ounces per day.

You lose approximately 2.5 liters of water everyday, just through normal bodily functions. (urination, perspiration & breathing.) If you are physically active, you lose even more water. Although "thirst" is an obvious sign of dehydration, the TRUTH is your body is in need of water long before you feel thirsty.

According to Dr. Batmanghelidj, MD-best selling author of "Your Body's Many Cries for Water." Symptoms of dehydration include chronic pains in joints and muscles, low back pain, headaches, constipation, excessive cravings, irritability, depression, difficulty sleeping, fatigue and dreaming of oceans & water and amber colored urine. Some conditions that may be affected by dehydration are asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, type II diabetes and autoimmune disease.

WOW- Huh?

Do you see yourself in any of the above?

I also work in a hospital and I see every day how dehydration affects people. I make it a habit of asking my patients if they drink water. Rarely, do I find someone who says yes, and drinks the optimum amount. Most of them say they drink a glass or two or they don't like water, but they drink soda and coffee. (Um, not the same).

I myself, can tell when I have not been faithful to the optimal amount of water that I should be drinking. I crave more junk food, my neck & joints hurt more and are less flexible, I toss & turn in my sleep, I'm easily irritated and tired. That's evidence enough for me to know that I should be drinking more water and how important hydration is.

But, is plain water enough? Well, it's better than nothing & it's FREE. But, with the overwhelming evidence of all the known contaminants found in standard "tap water," purified and bottled water is more popular than ever. And while purified water is definitely a much healthier choice – it's still plain water.

Why drink just plain water when you can "Super Charge" it with Xtreme X2O? Don't pay for enhanced bottled water that also has questionable ingredients like aspartame, sucralose & acesulfame potassium. (Do a google on these).

Xtreme X2O is 100% natural. It's a little power pack or sachet that you drop into your water. It's filled with minerals that your body recognizes immediately to manufacture energy. It lowers the surface tension of the water molecule so the water can be absorbed directly into your cells with greater ease, improving hydration, nutrient uptake and toxin removal. It also naturally balances the chemistry of the body to maintain a more alkaline environment. Studies have shown that disease cannot survive in an alkaline environment. We notice more fatigue and aches & pains when we're acidic. Many people mention they have more energy, they sleep better, they have less food cravings and just feel better after drinking it.

Though Xtreme X2O has no smell or taste, some people just don't like water, so we also have a 100% natural flavor enhancing product called X2O Blast. You just add it to your Xtreme X2O to flavor your water with zero calories and without raising your blood sugar levels which is a concern for diabetics, it also has the antioxidant power of eating 5 fruits & vegetables, so you're getting an added bonus as well.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Xooma Worldwide
Xooma Worldwide: "Hydrate: X2O sachets actually make water 'wetter' by lowering the surface tension of water molecules. This dramatically increases your water's ability to hydrate your body at the cellular level.
pH Defined: pH simply means potential hydrogen. Every one-point decrease on the pH scale is 10 times more acidic. For example, a drop from 7.0 to 2.0 is 100,000 times more acidic for your body!
Mineralize: Every Sachet of X2O contains calcium, magnesium, and over 70 trace minerals. These essential minerals (electrolytes) become ionic in water allowing them to be absorbed quickly and easily by your body.
What is Xtreme X2O?
Xtreme X2O is an all-natural, organic mineral complex derived from a pristine ocean source found near the Okinawan Islands. Harvested in its natural form, we use a patented processing method to ensure the highest level of purity and safety before packaging this powerful product into individual, ready-to-use “sachets.”"

Xooma Worldwide
Xooma Worldwide: "•Dehydration is a primary reason for daytime fatigue and can slow down your metabolism as much as 3%
•Just a 1%-2% drop in body water can impair your mental focus, concentration, and physical performance.
•Beverages that contain caffeine such as colas, coffee, or tea actually stimulate fluid loss and promote dehydration.
•Exercise and prolonged activity cause you to lose vital electrolytes, which are critical for nerve impulses and muscle contractions.
•Quicky replenishing lost electrolytes is essential for peak physical performance.
•Major electrolytes (minerals) needed by your body are calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and chloride, which can all be found in Xtreme X2O.
•Disease and illness thrive in an acidic environment but can't survive in an alkaline environment.
•'Alkalinity' equals oxygen and oxygen equals good health.
•To maintain healthy pH balance, your body must have an abundant supply of ionic minerals - especially calcium.
•STRESS is one of the most significant causes of acidic conditions in your body."